Venues NSW is seeking regulatory planning approval to increase the number of concerts that may be held at Allianz Stadium from an average of 4 to 20 per year.

This will take form in a modification application that will be prepared and submitted to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment for assessment, with the proposed changes set to make Sydney a more competitive, attractive destination for live events and boost the visitor economy by up to $120M, per year.

The proposal seeks to:

  • Increase allowable number of concerts from an average of 4 to 20 per calendar year;
  • Amend rehearsal finishing times and sound tests from 7pm to 10pm;
  • Amend the maximum concert length from 5 hours to between 5 to 10 hours for two concerts per year; and
  • Exemption to concert curfew to host the official Mardi Gras after party

No changes are proposed to the concert curfew (11pm) (other than Mardi Gras), maximum venue capacity (55,500 patrons), transport arrangements, or operational management plans.

If approved, Venues NSW will work closely with our sports partners to manage scheduling and ensure that everyone can co-exist throughout the October to March period each year.


By increasing the concert capacity, our vision is to make Allianz Stadium a venue for everyone.

Since opening in 2022, the new Allianz Stadium has established itself as one of Australia's top destinations for major sporting and entertainment events using the latest stadium technology and design that delivers an improved experience for everyone involved.

As we continue to recover from the disruption of COVID pandemic, increasing the concert capacity presents an invaluable opportunity to unlock and deliver far-reaching economic and social benefits for all NSW residents including:

  • Strengthening NSW's global reputation as a host city for major international events
  • Meeting the demand for world-class concert acts in the Sydney CBD by expanding venue availability and make Allianz Stadium the first choice for attracting premium talent
  • Maximising the stadium's flexibility of use for different styles or events to fully realise the venue's and surrounding SCG precinct’s full potential
  • Showcasing NSW is open for business and tourism by re-invigorating the local night-time economy
  • Providing a significant boost to the local visitor economy, with a potential to generate an additional $1.3 billion for NSW businesses over the lifetime of the stadium.
Did you know?

The live entertainment industry contributed $36.5bn to the Australian economy in 2019 and supported 122,647 jobs alone. (Ernst & Young, 2020) and each international artist is estimated to bring $5 to 7.5 million per show of economic benefit into the NSW economy.


Venues NSW has a rigorous Social Impact Monitoring Program in place for the operation of Allianz Stadium, designed to:

  • Encourage a cohesive environment
  • Enhance patron experience
  • Minimise light spill
  • Minimise adverse noise
  • Encourage sustainable methods of transport
  • Facilitate a safe parking environment
  • Provide a clean environment
  • Provide a safe and secure environment

Sound and noise control

To help mitigate noise and effectively manage noise impacts on our neighbours, Allianz Stadium uses modern, adaptive and purpose-built sound and noise control including:

  • In a world first, a real-time in-venue noise monitoring system has been installed to ensure noise levels do not exceed the approved maximum volume at surrounding residences
  • Penetrations in the façade have been limited to better contain sound and light impacts
  • Noise levels are calibrated during sound checks prior to an event to establish in-venue limits for each concert
  • The new roof covers the entire seating bowl and is physically higher to better contain sound and light
  • Concert speaker technology has improved, allowing for noise emissions to be monitored throughout concerts and real-time levels fed back to the sound stage to allow active management of noise
  • Strict adherence to noise management plans

Traffic and transport management

Transport for all events including concerts is managed through a suite of measures. Comprehensive transport, operational and management plans were prepared and endorsed by Transport for NSW as part of the original redevelopment and will continue to be adhered to.

Venues NSW promotes active travel management to all its events and is committed to encouraging a cohesive environment and experience for all events by offering sustainable and accessible transportation options to the stadium including:

  • Integrated public transport ticketing for all events
  • Active wayfinding signage and walking routes to and from the venue to encourage pedestrian circulation
  • Secure bike parking and end of trip facilities for cyclists
  • Approval for up to 1500 additional car spaces within the new Precinct Village, to be completed in 2025*

*Pending relevant planning approvals


Venues NSW is committed to ensuring the community is consulted throughout this process.

Over the May-June 2023 pre-lodgement consultation period we invited the community to come along to a range of engagement events to learn more about the proposal, provide feedback on key issues, and ask any questions.

You can view and download our project factsheet here,[VH1] which provides a summary of information displayed during our webinar, drop-ins, and community pop-ups.

We have captured extensive feedback over our community engagement events, which is reflected in a comprehensive Consultation Outcomes Report included as part of the final package to the Department of Planning and Environment for assessment.

Key themes raised throughout the engagement events related to: 

  • The proposed cap 
  • Parking and traffic management 
  • Pedestrian movement and public transport management 
  • Noise and sound management practices 
  • Event management, operations and programming 
  • Social impacts (including benefits) arising from the increased cap 
  • Planning process, ongoing consultation and communication 
  • Distinction between sporting and concert events 


The proposal is now on Public Exhibition where you will have the opportunity to provide formal feedback to the Department of Planning and Environment.

You can view the proposal in detail including all technical documentation via the link below: 


While this process is managed by the Department, we will continue to keep you informed of key dates and project milestones.

For any other queries about the project, you can also contact our engagement team at Ethos Urban by emailing consultation@ethosurban.com or calling 1800 870 549 Monday – Friday during business hours.

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